Introducing solids at 4 months!!

Easiest solid to start with is one you don’t have to cook. Introduce one food at a time and after a few day, if there is No allergic reaction, you can introduce another food. At 4 months, I scraped a ripe avocado and let Hudson taste a few spoonfuls once a day. Eventually we introduced banana mush and then progressed onto veggies.

With my first 2, I puréed all their baby food until they had enough teeth to bite. With baby 3, I just don’t have the time or energy to do it! (Sorry baby). With Hudson, I am doing a slow intro to baby led weaning (BLW) with a side of purées. (See previous post on making food for Emilia here)

With BLW, you basically cook everything super soft so it gets squished in their hands and then it melts in their mouth. Simple foods to start with are bananas, broccoli, carrots, winter squash, sweet potatoes and peas. He also loves his teething biscuits. Thing is…. it’s messy. Haha and food ends up everywhere.

With BLE, you have to be vigilant when feeding. Although the foods may seem super soft and bite size to you, it is not always to the baby. He is just learning to move food from the front of his mouth to the back of his mouth and then swallow. Be comfortable with the idea that baby may gag or choke on a food for a little bit. No worries tho- they have a strong survival instinct and if they do gag on a good, they will spit it right back up. You can help them out with a good clap on their back. I would not let anyone else feed my baby this way which is why…..

I also try to keep a batch of frozen puréed food. Then my nanny can feed him and also I’ll know a definite quantity of food ends up in his mouth even during BLW meals.

This meal below is a mix of cauliflower, squash, carrots, peas and string bean. Tastes sweet and pretty good to me! String bean is not a good food for BLW because the outer skin is tough– so I just threw everything in a blender for easy feedings. This will go in the freezer and you can pop out one of the pods and defrost when it’s meal time.

Our pediatrician recommended introducing peanut butter at 6 months too so that will be our next culinary adventure! And I know he will love it.

These mesh food holders are also a safe way to introduce solid textures.

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