Meet Mr. Hudson Lee!

It has been a while since I last posted here. My last post was actually written in the hospital the day after Hudson was born!

Officially introducing our youngest member, Hudson James Lee! Born 01/19/19 at 12:30am! He was 7 lbs 9oz and 21.25 inches! The longest of all my babies.

Well, he’s now 6 months old and we just had a 1/2 birthday party for him. He nurses like a champ, loves his solids, smiles all the time and chats up a storm. He loves his cuddles and is genuinely a happy baby. He is strong and holds his ground against his big siblings. He fights for toys, gets tossed around and he is still all smiles!! He is the peacekeeper between his siblings and I love watching them share their love for him. He has 1.5 teeth, loves bath time and is learning to enjoy time in his floater in the pool. Most importantly, he is an amazing sleeper and sleeps through most nights!! I love my baby so much. Couldn’t not have asked for a sweeter addition to complete our family!


  1. Thankfully I have help during bath and bedtime. It’s the most chaotic and stressful time in the house because the kids don’t want to stop playing to take a bath and also don’t want to go to sleep!! Henry is old enough to shower by himself so he usually goes first or last. I can fit Hudson’s baby bath tub in the big tub and Emilia will sit next to Hudson in the baby bathtub and bathe. Emilia enjoys bath time once in the tub. Hudson is the easiest baby to bathe because he loves water and doesn’t complain about anything. OR Hudson is hanging out on the floor of the bathroom while Henry and Emilia shower or bathe.

    When I’m doing bedtime alone with the kids, we all read a couple books together and lights out together. Kids will lie in their respective bed and I’ll sit in the chair between their beds and nurse Hudson. Henry and Hudson fall asleep pretty quickly. Emilia is a fighter….


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