What’s in my hospital bag?


  • nursing tops
    • H&M nursing tanks are my favorite. they have cute prints, easy nursing access and good prices!
  • toiletries
    • hair ties, brush, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, face wash, moisturizer, travel-size body wash
  • body lotion
  • Glasses + contacts case + contact solution
  • Makeup bag
  • nipple cream
    •  motherlove nipple cream is my FAVORITE. used it with all the kids and is the softest, most soothing cream I found. Not only is it organic and safe for baby, its easy to apply but most importantly, it melts upon application and is NOT STICKY.
  • nursing pads
    •  bamboobies– washable nursing pads. They are softer and less irritating than cotton!
  • sweatpants
  • cardigans
  • post partum belly band
    • I have the Upspring Shrinkx Belly Band. Have used it since my first in 2014. I think its helpful. I use it right away starting on day 1 or 2 and daily for a few weeks post partum. I feel like it really helps support your shrinking uterus and helps with the cramping. Still is good condition after 2 pregnancies!
  • flip flops
  • socks
  • outfit for newborn photos
  • nursing pillow
    • I didn’t bring one this time to minimize luggage and I’m just using the support of regular pillows in the hospital.  If you want to practice nursing or its your first time, it’s a good idea to bring so the lacatation consultant can help you position your baby.
    • camera
    • phone and charger
    • ipad/laptop



  • going home outfit
    • dont forget hats/mittens/socks
  • swaddle blankets
  • burp cloth
  • sibling gifts
  • pacifier and newborn bottles
    • our hospital does not provide pacifiers
    • the nipples in the hospital are fast flow nipples- so if you want to do both breast and formula, better for the infant to use the slow flow bottles which better simulate the flow from the breast.

TAKE from hospital

  • BABY
    • formula, travel size petroleum, diapers, wipes,
  • MOM
    • pads, mesh undies, tuck pads, rinse bottle

Breast pump

  • Don’t forget to order one through your insurance!
    • I did not bring to the hospital to minimize luggage.
    • The hospital provides great pumps if you want to learn how to pump or practice.
    •  You don’t need to start pumping right away to establish a supply. Your milk actually doesn’t come in until day 5 or so- when you are already at home.
    • You are already producing a little colostrum which is breast milk concentrated with nutrients and may be enough for your tiny newborns belly.
    • Do NOT be afraid to supplement with formula. We are SO SO HAPPY we supplemented with Emilia. She had newborn jaundice and needed more nutrients and fluids than colostrum could provide to help bring her bilirubin levels down. Unlike Henry, she did not have to go under bili lights in the NICU and was able to leave the hospital on time AND did not need to return for bili level checks/heel pricks!
    • We are supplement with Hudson as well. He is a little over 24 hours old and even though he has lost a few ounces since his birth weight, we are not worried because with the combination of both breast and formula, we know he will get enough fluids and nutrients to maintain his weight at a healthy level and  to prevent newborn jaundice. Plus we can send Hudson to the nursery at night so we can get a good nights rest and they will feed him according to their schedule (usually at 1 and 4).

Thanks for reading!!

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