Charleston, SC with kids!

Its been awhile since my last post! There have been so many things taking up my time but mostly it’s been the holidays and entering my third trimester! We also went on the most relaxing vacation over the winter which I will have to blog about later! Right now, I want to write about our big trip SOUTH!!

Over the summer, we hit our 3 favorite southern cities- Charleston, Hilton Head and Savannah! They are the perfect cities for a roadtrip because they are all within a 2-3 hour drive of each other. We flew into Charleston and rented a car and drove to Hilton head next and then Savanah and flew back home fro Savannah.

Our first weekend was in Charleston, SC. We stayed at Planters Inn which was right in the middle of downtown Charleston! Such a quaint and charming hotel AND It was across the street from the city market which was so nice! I loved their 4 post beds and they had the most comfortable bedding! I had already made reservations at several restaurants before leaving NYC so I was super excited about the food we were going to eat in this city.

Would you believe that we ran into my SIL and her family driving into the city? Kids were super excited to see their cousins on vacation.

Things I wanted to do but was not age appropriate for our kids and/or didn’t fit into our schedule:  Horse carriage, Old exchange and provost museum, Tour fort Sumter- boat, White point gardens – gazebos and cannons

Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer has the cutest outdoor patio and the best coffee!!  It was perfect for us and the kids as they needed space to be kids after the long trip from NYC to Charleston.

After our coffee break,  we strolled down king street- and did some shopping.  Matching fedoras for the boys and sunglasses for me!

Met Rich’s sister and family for Sunday brunch at Blind tiger. It was more of a gastropub and we sat at bar tables but the food was DELICIOUS- the kids really enjoyed their meal!

How can you pass by an ice cream sandwich shop and NOT eat one? They had the most interesting flavors!

After indulging all day, the kids fell asleep in the stroller and Rich and I Walked along the battery (tradd st to water st). The waterfront is beautiful and had I known there was a splash park at the end (and also saw kids swimming in the pineapple fountain) I would have brought bathing suits for the kids.

Southern version of the painted ladies

Sunday dinner at Poogans Porch. Traditional Southern comfort food in the french quarter. It has all the classic Southern dishes and makes you feel like you’re eating  home cooked meal in your southern dining room.

Late night snack- Planter’s Inn’s famous coconut cake!! Decadent and amazing!!! 

breakfast on the go! We were so luck to be staying across the street from the city market. We picked up breakfast and then headed back to the hotel to pack and check out.

We got breakfast sandwich from hot little biscuits AND oatmeal and crispy chicken buttermilk biscuit (Southern fried chicken topped with scrambled egg, aged Cheddar, and tasso gravy on a flaky buttermilk biscuit) from Caviar and bananas- SO GOOD.

Girl is glued to the phone already. Who is she constantly talking to!?

Monday lunch at Husk- before we drive to Hilton head! HUSK is a MUST in Charleston. The menu is seasonal and based on whatever was available in Sean Brock’s garden. Food is unbelievable and we were amazed with every single dish we tasted.

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