Emilia is 2!

This summer has been so crazy and I cannot believe it’s already July. There are so many pictures I have been meaning to post. The most important event of the summer was Emilia’s second birthday!

My baby girl is a bundle of cuteness- full of energy and joy. She has the sweetness of a baby girl but the fierceness of a little sister. She is always trying to keep up with her big brother and talking up a storm. It’s the cutest thing when she is explaining something and I cannot understand what she is saying. Henry is a great big brother and always looking out for her when they are out and about.

I had originally planned to have her frozen theme birthday party at our playground. It was going to super fun for the kids but also low key with minimal planning. I love decorating themed cookies and baking fun Cakes! Unfortunately I didn’t have the energy or time to plan a big party for her (don’t feel too bad- she had a really really fancy first birthday party!! Future blog post!?) I got a cake from magnolia bakery and put frozen cake toppers on it. Dipped rice Krispy balls into blue candy molds to make snowballs. Sadly, it was also cold and rainy on the Saturday in June we had planned her party. Luckily we were able to move it to our buildings common room. We pulled down the movie screen and the kids watched movies while decorating cookies and playing with each other.

Happy birthday Emilia!!!


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